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Save time: In two business days, you will know if filing a tax appeal can save you money. We do all the work, send you a brief report, and then call you to give you a consultation about your property taxes.

Save money: This review is of no cost and no risk to you. Filing an appeal can cost $30 to $1,000 per parcel.

Ensure your appeal is handled by a professional property tax consultant and request a free property review today.  Having your property reviewed to determine if a reduction is warranted saves you the time of evaluating the property yourself, compiling documentation to support your estimate of value, negotiating with the Assessor’s Office, and presenting your appeal to the Assessment Appeals Board only to find out that your property is fairly assessed.  The free property review saves you money by recommending that you appeal your over-assessed properties to pursue tax refunds and by recommending that you not file appeals on properties that are fairly assessed, saving you unnecessary application fees.

CRE Tax Appeal specializes in evaluating commercial real estate: auto dealership, office, and industrial properties are our specialty.  CRE Tax Appeal is also experienced in evaluating hospitality, apartments, mixed-use and unique properties.  CRE Tax Appeal typically appeals properties with an assessed value in excess of $2,000,000.

Ask for a free property review today and find out if your property is being over-assessed.  A preliminary estimate of your property’s market value will be developed, which will be compared to your property’s assessed value, and a recommendation will be provided about whether filing an appeal is beneficial to you. This information will remain private.  No mailers or marketing materials will be sent to you or your property.  See our privacy policy here.

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    CRE Tax Appeal will preliminarily evaluate a property’s fair market value for applicant’s property. Applicant will be provided with a written report that states whether CRE Tax Appeal recommends the property owner file a tax appeal. CRE Tax Appeal assumes that information provided by applicant and other data sources is true; CRE Tax Appeal is not responsible for any inaccurate information.

    CRE Tax Appeal reserves the right to not perform free assessment reviews for applications that are fradulent, frivolous, excessive, incomplete, or misleading. No warranties are granted by CRE Tax Appeal for providing this service. CRE Tax Appeal is under no legal obligation to represent applicant for their property tax appeals without a signed client agreement. All submitted information is subject to our privacy policy on this website.